Survey Says: What We Learned from Our Members

Posted By: Katie Manter MANP News,

Every year, MANP surveys our members because we want to hear from YOU. Your feedback on how your organization continues to navigate the pandemic and beyond helps ensure we are able to amplify your voices and experiences to policymakers and philanthropy and continue to offer the training, resources, and benefits that are most relevant to your needs.

We had a strong response rate with 50% of members – over 470 nonprofits – weighing in!

Here’s what we learned from you this year:

Sector + Organizational Trends

Top Challenges

The following challenges rose to the top for most organizations. Very small organizations were also likely to name volunteer recruitment and management as a challenge, while large organizations also named policy barriers to mission achievement.

  1. Board Recruitment + Development (you may want to check out our Get on Board initiative)
  2. Recruiting + Retaining Staff (keep an eye out for MANP’s Wages & Benefits Survey opening next week!)
  3. Strategic + Business Planning (find a lot of tools and templates in our resource library)

In addition, 3% of responding nonprofits reported they are at high risk of permanent closure (compared to 1% in last year’s survey).

Revenue Trends 

Nonprofits reported an increase in demand for services and expenses, but little or no change in all types of funding (individual, government, corporate, or unrestricted foundation) from 2020 to 2021.

Policy + Funding Environment

Members have reported some declines in how supportive local and state policymakers are of their work. (Speaking of which, for the 50% of organizations not currently monitoring or working to influence government laws/policies, check out these advocacy resources!)

Organizational Practices

It’s probably no surprise that remote/hybrid work is on the rise. Also noteworthy is that more than 1 in 4 organizations is anticipating a leadership transition in the next few years.

MANP Value

We’re so proud of and honored by the high engagement and regard of our membership, and we are also excited to keep working at improvements and new programs and services!

  • 88% of members give high marks for membership value
  • 88% rate MANP as a strong advocate for nonprofits
  • 81% point to MANP membership for inspiring one or more positive changes, including the following: 
    • 40% developed/improved an organizational policy
    • 39% invested in professional/leadership development
    • 39% improved compensation practices
    • 33% changed board practices to boost engagement

MANP MVPs (Most Valuable Programs) 

  1. Management & Leadership Training/Resources 
  2. Guides & Checklists
  3. Board and Governance Support 
  4. Job Board

MANP’s Best Kept Secrets (Not on Purpose!)

Many respondents report they weren’t aware of the following:

  1. Leadership Transitions Support
  2. Business Finder Directory
  3. Member Help Desk
  4. Online Resource Library

Members want to see even more:

  1. Networking opportunities
  2. Trainings (wide range of topics/audience/formats/location ideas!)
  3. Free and low-cost programs
  4. Member benefits guidance + orientation

These are just a few examples of the takeaways that MANP’s staff and board will be using to guide our work to better serve you in the upcoming year. Questions about the Member Survey or MANP’s resources and programs? Reach out to (I’m heading out on maternity leave, but another staff member would be happy to follow up). We always love hearing from our members!