About Our Advocacy Work

Maine’s nonprofit sector is very diverse, but there are issues that we all have in common. MANP's advocacy program, guided by our Advocacy Committee, and made possible by our Advocacy Network, promotes an environment in which nonprofits can best serve Maine. 

We work to:


MANP raises awareness among policymakers and the public about the vital role of nonprofits in Maine's economy and quality of life. 

Why Nonprofits Matter


MANP offers training and resources to empower nonprofit leaders to be legal and effective advocates. Stand for your mission!

Resources for Advocacy          Recorded Webinars


MANP lobbies in Augusta and D.C. for public policies that broadly impact the nonprofit sector and the ability of nonprofits to effectively advance their missions. Our blog and newsletter (create an account to sign up) are the best places to find issue and policy updates!

MANP's Lobbying Work


Nonprofits are trusted community resources and can play an important nonpartisan role in encouraging staff and stakeholders to engage in our democratic process, MANP mobilizes nonprofits to strengthen our democracy through civic engagement.

Nonprofits + Elections