MANP Advocacy Network

The threats to nonprofit autonomy, tax-exemptions, and charitable giving incentives have increased over the past decade and to answer these threats and be positioned to act on opportunities, MANP has stepped up our advocacy on behalf of all nonprofits in the state.

MANP’s Advocacy Network was created to expand staffing and resources for this essential work. The following organizations have made an additional investment to support MANP's efforts to amplify nonprofit voices, challenges, and contributions to our elected officials in Augusta and D.C.

Advocacy Network Members
Won’t you join them?

The additional investment comes with the following benefits above and beyond what general membership offers:

  • Insider Information: In-depth legislative updates, calls to action, and ears and eyes on the ground in Augusta on behalf of the nonprofit sector;
  • Access to Experience: MANP's staff and partners have decades of experience at the State House and in D.C. and can connect members to resources and advice.
  • Networking: MANP hosts regular virtual "huddles" during the legislative session to share updates and workshop strategy; hosts an online discussion hub where members can share updates or ask for support, and offers other programming exclusive to Advocacy Network Members. 
  • Visibility: Your organization will be promoted regularly as part of the Advocacy Network on our website, in our newsletters, and in advocacy programming. 

If you have questions, or would like to join, please contact our Public Affairs Manager, Mary Alice Scott, at