About Us

The Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP) empowers people with purpose—people and organizations at the forefront of the issues and opportunities that will determine Maine’s future prosperity. As a leading advocate and resource, we ensure that Maine nonprofits are adapting, thriving, and contributing in a fast-changing world.

Founded in 1994, MANP’s mission is to enrich the quality of community and personal life in Maine by strengthening the leadership, voice and organizational effectiveness of Maine nonprofits. 

MANP has grown into the state’s largest network of organizations dedicated to the common good with more than 1,000 nonprofit members and 150 partners in government, business and philanthropy, representing every county in Maine and the full range of nonprofit missions and sizes. MANP is a member of the National Council of Nonprofits, a network of nonprofit state associations across the country.

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Our Vision + Work

As Maine’s go-to resource for nonprofits, MANP is uniquely positioned to build the capacity, connections, and cross-sector influence of Maine nonprofits as we work toward a vision where:

hand drawn lightbulb with a map of the world in the bulb and an orange star by Maine. Text spread around the lightbulb reads: Individuals seek out nonprofits as rewarding and sustainable careers. Partners acknowledge and invest in the true costs of equitable, mission-based work. Communities recognize and value the contributions of nonprofit organizations, staff, and volunteers to a healthy economy. Nonprofits are purpose-driven, transparent, and accountable to their communities; have equitable access to networks and resources for idea sharing, collaboration, and innovation; . build intentional cultures and practices that center equity, learning, and leadership development, andexplore and evolve new models for advancing the public good.

We believe that by bringing people, ideas and resources together we will collectively be more strategic, creative, and courageous. 

hand drawn graphic with three sections - the first section shows seeds and roots with the words Capacity: people, ideas, resources. The second section shows five plants in progressiving stages of growth with words saying Connection: Collective strategy, creativity, courage. The third section shows hands holding a grown plant with the words Change: thriving communities.

Our financials and annual reports are available for review.

Our Team + Values

None of this is possible without the work of MANP's staff and board team, who bring a wide range of experiences and perspectives and a shared commitment to strengthening the nonprofit sector in Maine.

Meet our board and staff team

Everything we do--how we are organized, our organizational practices, our business model, who we work with--is informed by our organizational values.

Our Equity Commitment

All our work is also informed by our commitment to equity and will continue to evolve as we envision and strive for a more equitable and inclusive nonprofit sector in Maine.

MANP. Powering the Common Good.