Guiding Principles + Practices

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The nonprofit sector is continually challenged to be more transparent, efficient, and effective. 

The Guiding Principles + Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Maine tools help nonprofits assess and improve all aspects of their organizational performance.

Structured around eleven categories of nonprofit management with clearly delineated legal requirements, these free tools provide a simple framework for reflection and action planning.

Principles + Practices Tools

Guiding Principles + Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Maine: Review the complete set of legally required and recommended best practices. A must-have reference for nonprofit leaders and board members. Includes an easy reference index!

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Basic Infrastructure Checklist: A practical desktop companion reference tool, detailing requirements and recommended practices in an easy-to-use format.

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Organizational Self-Assessment Workbook: Convene organization leaders to document how your organization’s practices compare with the guiding principles and practices and set action steps for improvement.

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Note: In January 2018, MANP released an addendum outlining legal updates and points of clarification since the last publication which should be used to complement these downloads.

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All of these tools are free for you to download and print, but we will ship hard copies of the full Guide and the Basic Infrastructure Checklist at a cost of $10 per set.

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