Board Explorer

Connecting passionate people with purpose-driven organizations

Nonprofits rely on passionate, thoughtful, committed board members to guide strategic direction, provide fiscal oversight, bring creative ideas, and make connections. Boards play a vital role, ensuring that organizations stay true to their purpose and are accountable to stakeholders and the general public. 

Persistent Challenge

Maine nonprofits consistently name board recruitment as a top challenge. On the flipside, many community members are interested in sharing their skills and perspectives and growing as leaders through board or committee service, but aren’t sure how to find an opportunity that is the right fit.

Simple Solution

MANP's Board Explorer is a free service to facilitate connections between individuals interested in serving on a board and organizations looking to enhance their boards/committees with new perspectives and talents.

How It Works

  1. Share:
  2. Browse: Those who submit a questionnaire receive access to the results of the other list to browse.
  3. Connect: From there, organizations and individuals can identify potential matches and reach out to one another directly to discuss opportunities, assess fit, and formalize board placements.
  4. Repeat! New organizations and individuals sign up ongoing, so if you don’t see a clear match, check back regularly. 

By submitting a form, both individuals and organizations are granting permission to be contacted about board service opportunities. No timeline or match is guaranteed in this process. It is up to organizations and individuals to discuss opportunities, assess fit and formalize any board placements. MANP reserves the right to remove an individual’s or organization’s information if it is not in alignment with the intention of this service. 

Eligibility + Cost

  • Nonprofits: This service is free and exclusively available to MANP member organizations.
    • MANP members represent nonprofits from all 16 counties and range widely in terms of location, size, mission area, lifecycle stage, and board model.
    • Not sure if your organization is a member? Current members are listed in our directory. Learn more about nonprofit membership.
  • Individuals: This service is free to use and there are no experience requirements. (In lieu of a fee, donations to MANP’s Scholarship Fund are very welcome!)

Additional Support

Questions? Need Assistance?

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