Individual Questionnaire

Do you want to apply your skills and unique perspective to creating a stronger community? Nonprofit board service can be a great way to use your personal and professional experience to benefit your community while growing as a leader. 

If this describes you, please complete the Board Interest Questionnaire below and your information will be shared with Maine nonprofits that are recruiting new voices to their committees and boards. There are many types of boards and many ways to contribute that do not necessarily involve a financial commitment, so don’t let concerns regarding fundraising expectations keep you from exploring board service! (You cannot save your form in progress – find all the questions here if you’d like to prepare your responses in advance.)

The information you share is not confidential and may be viewed by numerous organizations. We cannot guarantee a match will result from this process. It is up to organizations and individuals to make connections, discuss opportunities, assess fit and formalize any board placements.

MANP reserves the right to remove an individual’s information if it is not in alignment with the intention of this service.  After a year, your listing will be deleted and a MANP staff person will reach out to invite you to complete an updated form. 

Questions? Need assistance? Contact us at or 207-871-1885.