Help Desk FAQ: New to Nonprofit Finance? Start Here

Posted By: Molly O'Connell Financial Management,

The majority of nonprofits in Maine are very small, and it’s rare to have a staff person fully dedicated to finance. Even if you do have people (staff, board members, or consultants) dedicated to financial management, financial leadership requires people across the organization to understand the organization’s financial story.

If you’re feeling like your understanding of nonprofit finances is a little shaky, the following resources can help you and your organization build a stronger foundation for effective financial leadership. 

The Basics


Personalized Support

  • Propel Nonprofits has a Nonprofit Accounting Helpline.
  • Propel Nonprofits also offers “Financial Insights Coaching.” Get one-on-one coaching over 12 months (a full fiscal cycle) to review your accounting reports, answer questions, and help ensure your financial records are accurate. The goal: make sure your financial tools effectively tell your organization’s story and build skills, efficiencies, and confidence within your organization.
  • Spectrum Nonprofit Services offers support for financial strategy through one-on-one consulting and cohort-based programs. 
  • MANP members can tap into some limited pro bono accounting assistance for targeted questions. 
  • If you want to bring in project-based support or outsource certain finance functions more permanently, you can find bookkeepers and financial consultants in MANP’s Business Finder (use the filters to narrow down).

Tools + Resources

Looking for more information on specific financial management topics, such as business planning, budgeting, internal controls, audits, cost allocation, cash flow management, etc.?