Trends in Hybrid Work at Maine Nonprofits

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Remote work certainly isn't new, but it became a necessity during the COVID-19 the pandemic for many organizations that hadn't previously considered this kind of work arrangement. While perhaps born out of necessity, results from our 2022 Survey of Nonprofit Wages & Benefits show that remote and hybrid work arrangements are likely here to stay for more than half the workforce.

Chart showing remote work trends
% of Employees by Work Arrangement: Past, Present, Future

Some additional key findings include:

  • Executive and management positions are more likely to have access to remote work.
  • Full-time staff are more likely than part-time staff to have access to remote arrangements.
  • What equipment/technology is provided to remote employees varies widely - organizations are still figuring out their approaches.
  • 44% of employers reported they are currently reimbursing employees for some or all of services and equipment related to home office expenses (some via a stipend and some via the expense reimbursement process.)

How Do We Keep Our Teams Connected?

With these trends in mind, we're curious: how are Maine nonprofits finding creative ways to keep their distributed teams feeling connected?

On February 17th at MANP Connects we're inviting our network to join us to share ideas and get inspiration from others. (Have something to share? Email Kelly McCormack in advance so we can be sure to call on you!)

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