Action Alert: Charitable Giving Incentive

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Congress Is Considering a Tax Bill that Doesn’t Restore the Expired Charitable Deduction. Let’s Change That.

On January 16, the chairs of the House and Senate tax committees announced a bill that includes a series of tax breaks for families, businesses, and individuals, but that does not yet include restoration of the non-itemizer (universal) charitable deduction. As we know, donations are down while demand remains high; tax relief is urgently needed to continue the work of charitable organizations. Representatives and Senators need to hear immediately from the charitable nonprofit community.

What You Can Do 

Call your Representatives and Senators today and tell them: “We need the [Representative/Senator] to insist on restoration of the non-itemizer (universal) deduction as a provision in any tax package under consideration.” You can also write your Representatives and Senators to deliver the message via email.

More Context

As reported earlier, the chairs of the House and Senate tax committees announced an $80 billion tax package that does plenty of good things but does not include restoration of the non-itemizer (universal) deduction that expired at the end of 2021. The data show that charitable giving has dropped since then (e.g., the number donors declined by 7.3% in the 3rd quarter of 2023 compared to the prior year). 

As Tim Delaney from the National Council of Nonprofits said, "The charitable nonprofit sector is constantly called on by families, businesses, and communities to improve the well-being of others, but donations to do so are down; tax relief is urgently needed. We join with our colleagues from across the country in calling on Representatives and Senators to insist on restoration of the non-itemizer (universal) charitable deduction as a component of tax legislation that is enacted by Congress.”