Help Desk FAQ: Required Employee Trainings - Where to Turn?

Posted By: Molly O'Connell Staff + Volunteer Teams,

Just like other employers, Maine nonprofits are required to offer certain trainings to employees. This includes video display terminal training (computer ergonomics) (if 5+ employees) and sexual harassment prevention training (15+ employees). 

If your organization doesn’t have the expertise to deliver these trainings in-house, here are some resources:

Note that every employer must also clearly post certain kinds of information. The following posters can be downloaded, and some payroll companies make them available as a service.

Don't Stop at the Minimum!

While not legally required, your organization may want to consider offering–or even requiring–training for some or all employees on additional topics. Offering professional development opportunities is an essential part of a talent retention plan, and a way to demonstrate to employees that you are invested in their growth. Participating in some trainings as a team can also help build a culture of ongoing learning and increase the ability of employees to apply what they’ve learned. 

Bonus points: start the conversation with your board early to make sure funds for professional development, beyond required trainings, are included in your next annual budget to support not only legal compliance, but talent attraction and retention.