Nonprofit Membership

Maine people count on you, and MANP exists to support your incredible work. Joining MANP connects you, your staff, your board and your volunteers with a powerful and diverse network of individuals and organizations working to advocate for and strengthen Maine’s communities.

MANP membership is an investment in your organization and your community! It will save you time and money, build your capacity, deepen your understanding of our sector’s collective value, and amplify your voice.

For 501(c)3 and (c)4 Nonprofits

  • Benefits of Membership:  A wide variety of benefits will help you to develop leaders at all levels, build strategy, save money, and leverage the potential to network and collaborate for greater impact.
  • Cost of Membership: We are committed to building a vibrant network that spans budget sizes, regions and mission areas. Annual dues are on a sliding scale based on your organization’s operating budget.

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