Catholic Foundation of Maine

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The Catholic Foundation of Maine provides opportunities for donors to charitably invest in endowments that support entities and ministries for the long term. Established in 2003, the Foundation is a separate nonprofit organization, led primarily by lay Catholics. Anyone can create or give to an endowment and support a wide variety of entities and ministries ? from local parishes, schools, organizations like Catholic Charities, education and scholarships as well as benefit programs to feed, cloth and care for others. The Foundation manages the funds entrusted to it in a conservative and productive manner and ensures that donors' charitable wishes are carried out as intended in perpetuity. Guided by Bylaws, Articles, Policies, UPMIFA, Best Practices in Stewardship and Fiduciary Responsibilities of Charitable Foundations, the Catholic Foundation of Maine is a good choice to establish your legacy with an endowment or giving to those already existing. We look forward to serving you.
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