Cultural Alliance of Maine

The Cultural Alliance of Maine (CAM) was born at the front end of the COVID-19 pandemic, which starkly illuminated that Maine lacks structures for its important cultural sector to foster learning, organizing, acting and advocating as a unified statewide community.

Leaders from across the state, representing diverse nonprofit cultural organizations, came together to establish this alliance to:

  • explore models to address infrastructure gaps long-term
  • advocate for solutions to the unique challenges facing the sector now, and
  • create pathways for ongoing peer-to-peer learning and information exchange.
Everyone involved in Maine’s arts and culture communities is invited to engage in this Alliance–nonprofits and for-profits, organizations and individual artists, makers and storytellers. The Cultural Alliance of Maine is committed to working across the spectrum and across the state.

Get Involved

CAM's Director, Mollie Cashwell, would love to hear from you!

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  • Monthly Convenings: CAM is hosting free, hour-long community convenings the first Friday of each month. Learn more at
  • Email: Drop a note to with questions, ideas or just to connect!

MANP is a proud administrative host and partner of the Cultural Alliance of Maine, which helps Maine’s broad and diverse cultural communities connect, learn, advocate, innovate, and co-create. The project advances MANP’s strategic priorities to support deeper, richer connections within our nonprofit community, to encourage collaboration and innovation across organizations and sectors, and to champion the role of nonprofits in advancing solutions to our state’s challenges alongside colleagues in business, government and philanthropy.