Board Handbooks

To help nonprofit boards build effective, engaging, legally compliant teams, MANP has developed handbooks and toolkits with practical advice and exercises.

These tools are available for free to members! If you are logged in and are a member in good standing the resources below are just a click away. (Nonmembers can purchase these tools.)

Handbooks Covers ImageBoard Basics Handbook

This electronic handbook provides a guide to nonprofit board service for both new board members and for experienced directors who still have questions about whether their board is living up to its obligations.

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Keys to Successful Board Recruitment

It is the rare nonprofit organization that isn’t struggling with some aspect of board recruitment. This electronic handbook provides nonprofits with the guidance and advice that will help them strengthen their recruitment strategies and process. 

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Strategic Board Recruitment Toolkit

This multi-media toolkit provides a series of short webinars and activities designed to help board champions transform how their board thinks about and approaches board recruitment, so you can get the people you need at the board table to achieve organizational goals. 

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Non-members may purchase this electronic tool.