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Mindbridge is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the impact of local, national, and international human rights efforts. Research indicates that up to 95% of our behaviors are unconscious, and that connecting psychological and neurobiological knowledge is essential to creating long-lasting and effective change. By “bridging” human rights work with psychological and neurobiological applied science, Mindbridge programming works to effectively access and engage hearts and minds before inviting them to change.

Our collective strength as Agents for Change is grounded in our extraordinary ability not only to remain steadfast in the face of the ongoing harm and injustice found throughout the 21st century but in our commitment to seek out ever more impactful and sustaining routes for change.

From the growing threat of domestic terrorism and violent extremism to the destructive and dehumanizing impacts of racism and discrimination to the continued trafficking of human beings to the eradication of reproductive freedoms, and beyond, a call arises that perhaps our traditional methods of intervention and change are no longer enough.

For decades our approach has been steeped in efforts focused on structural, institutional, and policy-based forms of change. And while these efforts were and continue to be utterly necessary, we are missing a critical piece of the puzzle: an understanding and functional ability to engage with the human at the center of the frame.

To change hearts and minds, you first must learn to access them.
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