Maine Nonprofit Compensation Report: Wages + Benefits

MANP conducts a compensation survey every two years to equip Maine nonprofits with reliable, local data to catalyze conversations, shape compensation strategies, and justify compensation levels to the public and the IRS.

About the 2022 Survey of Nonprofit Wages + Benefits

The 2022 survey will open in early May and the deadline to participate will be June 8th.

  • Why participate? People power our missions! To attract and retain talent, nonprofits need to set competitive wages and benefits, especially in today’s tight market. By sharing their data, organizations ensure we all have a timely, reliable source of information about workforce and compensation trends, and then together we can build more competitive and equitable compensation practices that reward people for investing their time and talents in our missions.
  • Who can participate? Any 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6) organization based in or with paid staff working in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont. Only one person per organization should complete the survey. All-volunteer organizations can still get credit for participating in the survey by completing the first section.
  • Is this survey confidential? Identifying information is kept separate and only used to prevent duplicate submissions, determine participation discounts, and contact you should we have questions about your survey responses.
  • How long will it take? It will take approximately 30 minutes to enter data into the online survey, assuming you’ve already gathered all of the required information on the preparation checklist. How long it takes to gather the data will vary depending on the size of your organization’s budget and staff.

How to Participate in the Survey

  1. Identify who will take the survey on behalf of your organization – one response per organization.
  2. Prepare – download the detailed 2022 Nonprofit Wages & Benefits Survey Instructions and Preparation Checklist
  3. Complete the online survey by June 8 at 5pm ET
  4. Earn rewards! Member organizations that participate receive the report for free. Nonmember participants receive 50% off.

2022 Report on Nonprofit Wages + Benefits

We anticipate the 2022 report will be published in October/November. Members and organizations that participate in the 2022 survey receive great discounts!

2022 Report Pricing Survey participants* Survey non-participants
Members FREE! $125
Non-Members $125 $250

Other Support for Setting Compensation

MANP has curated collections of resources on nonprofit compensation generally and setting executive compensation specifically, including living wage calculators, mistakes to avoid when using compensation reports, articles on pay equity analysis, values-based compensation, and more!

Thank You to Our Partners + Sponsors

The 2022 survey is a joint effort with the NH Center for Nonprofits, CommonGood Vermont, and the UNH Survey Center.

MANP is also grateful for the generous sponsorship of the following:

Report Lead Sponsors

Cover Sponsors


Prior Reports

  • 2020 Report – The 2020 report is based on data collected from 339 Maine nonprofits submitted from July to September of 2020. While open to any 501(c) organization, the survey’s respondents were predominantly 501(c)3 public charities. These organizations employ more than 15,000 workers in total, and reported wages for 7,066 full-time and 324 part-time employees covered by the survey’s 32 job categories. An additional 340 organizations from New Hampshire and Vermont participated in this regional effort, and the Maine report includes data from across northern New England in key sections. A free snapshot of the report is available for download.  For a full version of the electronic publication the pricing is as follows:
  • 2018 Report – Free 2018 Snapshot of Nonprofit Wages + Benefits in Maine. The full report is still available for purchase: $50 for MANP members and $100 for non-members. Contact our Membership Manager for assistance with ordering a copy.
  • Reports prior to 2018, contact our Membership Manager for a copy!