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Action Alert: Urge Congress to Permanently Extend Key Charitable Giving Incentives

by Lori Gramlich
Congress has only a few more days to pass legislation to extend key charitable giving incentives on a permanent basis. Senators are expected to pass a short-term tax bill that essentially renews three charitable giving incentives for only three weeks. That’s not good enough for the people and communities that nonprofits are able to serve through […]

Bangor Nonprofits Gather to Celebrate a Champion

by Jessica Lantos
The Wells Conference Center in Orono was filled with party-goers on November 6th, all in attendance to celebrate Wilma “Willie” Bradford, the first recipient of the Maddy Corson Community Catalyst Award. Willie’s commitment  to Bangor’s nonprofit community spans decades and touches the entire city. She has served on a multitude of boards and committees, even breaking down gender barriers […]

Nonprofits Not Takers, as Governor Suggests

by Scott Schnapp
In a recent post-election interview Governor LePage made the statement that Maine nonprofits “don’t pay their fair share”, and that “they are takers, not givers.” This kind of statement is misleading, and feeds a public perception that is just not based on the facts. It also unfairly maligns a sector comprised of highly valued organizations […]

4 Trends Revealed in New Nonprofit Compensation Report

by Molly O'Connell
What stands out from MANP’s recently released 2014 Report on Nonprofit Wages + Benefits in Maine? 1. We are beginning to see the effects of slow economic recovery. 90% of organizations expect employment to stay the same or increase in the coming 12 months, as compared to only 62% in 2010. 63% of surveyed full-time […]

Recent Embezzlement Not a Reflection on All Maine Nonprofits

by Scott Schnapp
While details continue to emerge regarding the massive embezzlement of funds from United Midcoast Charities by its longtime Board Chair, Rusty Brace, and feelings remain raw in the Camden community regarding how this possibly could have happened, it’s important for the public to recognize that these kinds of situations are very rare and not segregated […]

Urge Your Senators to Pass the America Gives More Act This Month

by Molly O'Connell
Congress is scheduled to return to Washington today and unless Senators can be convinced to immediately take up and pass the House-passed America Gives More Act (H.R.4719) in September, many of the incentives for giving to the work of nonprofits in communities will be lost. It is imperative that Senators take care of the public’s […]

Do You Have a Plan for Providing Health Care Coverage in 2015?

by Molly O'Connell
Most nonprofits in Maine are small businesses. MANP, in partnership with the Maine Health Access Foundation and other sponsors, is offering three free Affordable Care Act (ACA) forums where nonprofits and other small businesses can get up to date information on Obamacare options for your organization and your employees. While nonprofits with fewer than 50 full-time […]

At the End of the Day, MANP Staff Didn’t Want to Leave

by Jessica Lantos
We left our office on July 29th and spent a wonderful day in Gardiner – gardening!  Our staff was invited to Arbor Terrace, an assisted living program of Medical Care Development (MCD).  This was easily the best volunteer day we can remember, as Arbor Terrace opened their doors and welcomed us so warmly. We didn’t just garden; […]

Get Strategic About Board Recruitment

by Guest Blogger
This post was authored by Jeff Wahlstrom of Starboard Leadership Consulting. If you want to build a stronger board, you need to recruit board members today who can help the organization achieve its strategic goals tomorrow. Start your recruitment process by pulling out and reviewing the priorities in your strategic plan. With the plan in […]

“Who Has the Time” and Other Questions on Nonprofit Advocacy

by Guest Blogger
This guest post was contributed by David L. Thompson, National Council of Nonprofits. Recently, a nationally prominent nonprofit leader said this to an audience of people from public charities and private foundations: “Nonprofits have a duty to advocate on behalf of the people who have no voice, to demand social justice.” Many in the audience […]