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New Charity Registration Service Available at Discount to MANP Members

by Jessica Lantos
Multi-State Charitable Solicitation Registration is a phrase that often strikes fear in the hearts of nonprofits. To help alleviate the stress, reduce hours of work time and reduce the cost, MANP is now offering SimpleCharityRegistration, a new online service that streamlines the registration process. For Those Who Don’t Know… 40 states plus the District of Columbia […]

Four Things Every Nonprofit Contracting with Government Should Do

by admin_manp
The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) rules known as the Uniform Guidance went into effect at the end of 2014, representing “historic reform [that] will transform the landscape … for generations to come.” The changes streamline the rules governing administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements on federal awards, removing inconsistencies in the old circulars. And, […]

3 Ways To Impress Your Mom This Mother’s Day

by Molly O'Connell
Looking for a memorable Mother’s Day gift or activity? Turn to a Maine nonprofit! Take Her Somewhere Beautiful Pack a picnic and head out on a trail maintained by one of the amazing land trusts throughout Maine, head to your closest Audubon sanctuary, or stop and smell the flowers at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (free for […]

Pitch Your Project for a Chance to Win 7 Volunteers on Your Doorstep

by Jessica Lantos
Hey MANP members, on July 16th we’re getting out of the office for our annual Volunteer Day!  Could you use our services? Our staff of 7 will come to you and do a project with you! Projects can be outside or inside, and can be clean-up tasks, building/painting projects, or something totally unexpected that can […]

Endowments are Not Sacred and Donors Are Not Always Right – Insights from the MANP Executive Leadership Forum

by Molly O'Connell
MANP’s recent Executive Leadership Forum (ELF) featured provocative keynote speaker Alan Cantor, who is sparking conversation nationally with his critiques of the ways in which charitable giving is being “warehoused” rather than spent on current needs. His “enlightening, thought-provoking, relevant, and funny” presentation prompted vigorous conversation about the best ways to create long-term impact, and […]

The Creative Approach to Health Insurance Your Nonprofit Should Consider

by Scott Schnapp
Health insurance is likely one of the largest line items in your organization’s budget and therefore presents one of the best opportunities for meaningful savings that can be reinvested in your mission. Self-funding health insurance–the practice of an organization paying for individual employee health claims out of pocket instead of paying a monthly fixed premium to […]

Nonprofits Provide Essential Services Government Does Not: A Historical Perspective

by Guest Blogger
This piece, with minor adjustments, originally appeared in the Kennebec Journal on March 24th. Author Lisa Miller is member of MANP’s board of directors, and serves as the Senior Program Officer of the Bingham Program, a charitable endowment based at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Lisa was also an elected Representative in the Maine House of […]

Nonprofit Fraud: The Exception Not the Rule

by Scott Schnapp
In light of the recent news regarding the fraudulent use of funds contributed to Operation Tribute, a spotlight is on nonprofit practices. As noted in a previous post, situations like these are very rare and are not segregated to the nonprofit sector, but do serve as a call to action to both nonprofits and donors to take advantage […]

Put Your Money Where Your Mission Is

by Guest Blogger
Guest blogger Alan Cantor is principal of Alan Cantor Consulting LLC, and draws on over thirty years of experience, including serving as Executive Director and, later, Board Chair of The Mayhew Program; Vice President at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation; and Vice President for Philanthropy at the NH Community Loan Fund.  Alan will be speaking at […]

Looking for Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day? Hug a Nonprofit!

by Jessica Lantos
Every person you know in Maine  benefits from the work of Maine’s nonprofits. Every single person!  Since today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, we thought we’d share 10 ways you can support the important work of the organizations Maine people count on. Volunteer Pick an organization, any organization. The choice is yours. You can help […]