MANP Advocacy Network

The threats to nonprofit autonomy, tax-exemptions, and charitable giving incentives have increased over the past decade and to answer these threats and be positioned to act on opportunities, MANP has stepped up our advocacy on behalf of all nonprofits in the state. During the COVID-19 crisis, MANP’s advocacy work has been more important than ever. MANP is a voice and champion for the vital role of nonprofits to our state’s communities and future, amplifying nonprofit voices, challenges and solutions to Augusta and DC.

MANP’s Advocacy Network was created to ensure appropriate staffing and resources for this vital work. The following organizations have made an additional financial contribution to our efforts, acknowledging the important role MANP can play in creating positive public policies that increase the chances of mission success for all Maine nonprofits. We can’t thank our Network members enough for their support.

Thank You to Our Advocacy Network Members!

Won’t you join them?

Learn about the benefits of joining the Advocacy Network. If you have questions, or would like to join, please contact our Public Affairs Manager, Mary Alice Scott, at