Consulting and Coaching for Starting a Nonprofit

When first getting started, many nonprofits look for consultants, coaches and mentors to assist with strategic, legal, and operational steps. MANP offers a checklist, answers to FAQs and periodic trainings (check our events calendar for anything upcoming), but due to limited staff capacity, MANP is not able to provide in-depth or personalized assistance with the start-up process. We suggest the following resources:

SCORE Mentors

SCORE offers coaching/mentoring to nonprofits during the start-up phase. They ask that people complete this readiness checklist before requesting a meeting with a mentor. You don’t necessarily have to have answers to everything on the checklist, but completing it will give you a sense of the questions a mentor is likely to ask as well as help you narrow in on where you need their guidance. You can then request a free meeting with a mentor by going to their website and clicking “Schedule a Meeting.”

Resilia Formation Services

Resilia offers nonprofit formation services including Articles of Incorporation, state filing, application for tax-exemption, and access to various templates, tools and tutorials for start-ups. Maine nonprofits save 10% off their nonprofit formation packages (regular price starts at $699).

Attorneys + Consultants

An attorney can help you create foundational documents and policies and file paperwork. Some will offer this type of support as a flat fee, which would include creation of the following:
Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, filing for incorporation, support to Board’s organizational meeting, sample meeting minutes and agenda for organizational meeting, drafting a conflict of interest policy, filing IRS Form 1023 package, Maine charitable solicitation application (if applicable), guidance on what to expect for year-to-year filing requirements, etc. Find attorneys who specialize in nonprofits in the MANP Business Finder in the legal section.

Other consultants may be helpful as you develop a fundraising strategy, marketing plans, develop your board, and more. Find people who can help with all aspects of nonprofit management in the MANP Business Finder.