Organizational Assessment Tools

Board Self-assessment

A strong, vibrant board of directors is a clear indicator of a healthy organization, yet even the best organizations need a periodic check-up to ensure they not only survive but thrive in today’s environment. A board self-assessment is the best place to start to check your board’s vital signs, or to put in place practices and strategies for a healthy and energized board.

To help Maine nonprofits maximize the potential of their boards, Jeff Wahlstrom of Starboard Leadership Consulting, in partnership with MANP, developed an online board self-assessment tool that offers organizations an easy and practical way to assess their boards’ strengths and weaknesses. First developed in 2005, the board self-assessment tool has since been updated with input from 25 nonprofit leaders.

Four Steps to Self-Assessment

1. Assess Readiness

Review Is Your Board Ready for Self-Assessment for free.

2. Complete Online Board Self-Assessment Tool

Purchase the assessment and you will receive a link to this online tool allowing your board members to quickly, easily, and confidentially provide input on how the board is performing their responsibilities. Once completed, you will receive results in an easy-to-read graphical format that shows areas of disagreement to guide where you need to focus your attention in your work with the board.

  • Member Price: $150
  • NonMember Price: $250
  • To order, please contact Molly O’Connell at 207-871-1885.

There is also the opportunity to purchase the assessment with a more in-depth Interpretative Report (see step three).

3. Interpret Your Results

Your organization can interpret your result internally, or MANP has partnered with Starboard Leadership Consulting to offer you the opportunity to gain a deeper analysis of your self-assessment results. This Interpretive Report is tailored to your organization and highlights strengths and areas for growth, a clear set of recommendations grounded in best practice, and the guidance you need to develop a clear action plan for better governance. The Interpretative Report is available for purchase in addition to the assessment tool.

To add the interpretive report:

  • Member Price: $600
  • NonMember Price: $1,000
  • To order, please contact Molly O’Connell at 207-871-1885.

4. Additional Consulting Services

Experience has shown that those organizations that get the maximum value from the board self-assessment process are those that actively engage their boards along the way. We encourage you to consider reviewing the results of the Board Self-Assessment Tool with your board in a retreat or extended meeting(s).

Organizations often find tremendous value in having a board governance consultant assist them in planning and facilitating such a meeting and in supporting the development of a “governance agenda” to guide the ongoing work of the board. Visit MANP’s Yellow Pages to find consultants with expertise in board development working in your region.