Nonprofit Impact Reports: Maine Nonprofits at Work

Just as we need to understand the impact of tourism, construction, or the fishing industry on our economy and society, we need to understand the significant role that nonprofits play in our state.

MANP conducts regular research on Maine’s nonprofit sector to help organizations, individuals and policymakers better understand the vital role of nonprofits in creating, sustaining and improving Maine’s quality of life.

Key Findings About Maine Nonprofits

MANP’s latest analysis, drawn from 2018 IRS filings and 2019 Maine Department of Labor data, affirms nonprofits are vital to Maine’s economy and quality of life. Nonprofits:

  • Contribute approximately $14 billion dollars per year to the economy through wages paid, retail and wholesale purchases, and professional services contracted.
  • Pay $5.2 billion annually in wages, which translates to an estimated $304 million in personal income tax revenue.
  • Employ 16% of Maine’s workforce: that’s 1 in 6 Maine workers and more than 100,000 jobs!

Nonprofits are unique in their ability to strengthen social fabric + build community. They:

  • Mobilize over 400,000 volunteers per year who donate approximately $1 million of time + talent to improve Maine communities.
  • Serve as the foundation of Maine’s creative economy, which attracts business.
  • Partner with government to build and preserve public structures such as libraries, health clinics, parks and open space, affordable housing and emergency shelters.
  • Provide care for the mental and physical well-being of Mainers of all ages.
  • Conserve and protect the natural resources that are a cornerstone of our economy and quality of life.
  • Check out our Stories of Impact profiles that illustrate nonprofits’ strong return on investment.

A full report is in development, but a snapshot of this latest data is available for download now!

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Older Reports

Our nonprofit impact reports include data on the size and scope of the sector as well as profiles of diverse Maine nonprofits providing excellent return on society’s investment.