Leadership Transitions Training

A change in executive director is a pivotal moment in the life of a nonprofit organization. Handled well, a successful leadership transition can strengthen and move an organization forward.

Preparing the board to successfully manage this transition is the first step in a successful process.

Board Training – The Clock is Ticking: Stepping Up to the Challenge of Leadership Transition

This two-hour training is designed for nonprofit boards that are planning ahead, anticipating a retirement, or who have just learned that their Executive Director or CEO will be leaving and “the clock is ticking.” The goal is to ensure that the full board appreciates their responsibility and the essential elements to ensure a successful leadership transition.

The training will cover:

  • The board’s role in the transition and search process
  • Turning the transition from a liability to an opportunity
  • Positioning the organization to successfully attract the very best candidates
  • An overview of the essential elements of the transition process and timeline
  • Assessing your capacity to manage the search
  • The cost of a search and transition – the obvious and the not so obvious
  • Managing communication with staff, key stakeholders, and your community
  • First steps and next steps – guidance on where to begin

For additional support, referral to leadership transition consultants is also available.

For more background, read Stepping Up: A Board’s Challenge in Leadership Transition.


$800 members / $1,200 non-members

The training includes a copy of MANP’s Mission-Driven Executive Transition Toolkit.

Order a Training

This training is offered in partnership with Starboard Leadership Consulting. For more information or to schedule a training contact Molly O’Connell by email.