Mission Driven Leadershift Initiative

Nonprofits are on the verge of losing large numbers of leaders; almost half of our members report that they anticipate a leadership change in the next five years, and other estimates are even more dramatic. Yet organizations are unprepared for these executive transitions, and for many the topic remains taboo.

MANP is committed to supporting mission-driven leadershifts.


Now is a critical moment to shift the mindset about succession planning to one of deeper sustainability planning. This type of succession planning is not about, or not just about, what to do when your executive director leaves. At its core, it is a strategy for keeping mission in the forefront as your organization navigates inevitable change. It is a process to identify organizational values and develop practices that safeguard the important work of your organization.

There is risk in transition, but there is also enormous opportunity, and we all must step up to the challenge.

Together let’s reframe and recommit to using succession planning as a way to ensure the sustainability of our missions, which are essential to a healthy and vibrant Maine.

What We Offer to Help You

Where Should I Start?

Help! We have an unplanned/emergency transition!

We’re starting a transition process.

Our Executive Director will leave in the next few years.

We want to build a strong foundation to prepare for a future transition.

A Little Light Reading

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