Strategy and Scenario Planning During Uncertain Times

During times of rapid change and uncertainty, your organizational response and strategies are informed by reflection on:

  • Where have you been?
  • Where are you now & what have you learned?
  • Where are you trying to go?

Rapid Planning for Nonprofits: A Toolkit for Sense-making in a Changing World

Our colleagues at Montana Nonprofit Association developed and are sharing for free a toolkit designed to grapple with these questions. This toolkit provides nonprofits a starting point as they begin building and wading through their “new normal.”

What this tool is:

  • A launching point for conversations
  • Sense-making for operations and programs in light of changing external conditions
  • A complement to your operations and strategic plan, or a guide to revise them

What this tool isn’t:

  • A formulaic answer to your situation
  • A static box you must or will stay in
  • A full operational or strategic plan

Download the toolkit for free

Scenario Modeling + Cash Flow Monitoring

To supplement the Toolkit, nonprofits can use these free templates:

Additional Resources

There are many other helpful and free tools out there to support strategy development and scenario modeling. Different tools work for different organizations, and we encourage you to browse!

Find more resources on disaster planning, emergency preparedness and business continuity and scenario planning in our free, searchable Answer Center.