Reopening with Purpose: A Guidebook for Maine Nonprofits

Image of guidebook coverReopening with Purpose: Guidance for Maine Nonprofits Impacted by the Pandemic is designed for organizations seeking  trustworthy guidance to inform their plans for reopening offices, resuming programs, and/or expanding in-person services while prioritizing public health.

While the practices and recommendations in this guide at times reference office environments, they are largely applicable to other types of workforce environments and properties as well as many diverse missions and types of nonprofits.

Note: while published in summer 2020, the content remains a useful general resource and should always be used in concert with current public health guidance and state prevention checklists.

MANP is also compiling supplemental resources, samples and tools–especially those for specific mission areas–here.

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  • The guidelines in this document are intended simply as recommendations that can help organizations develop their own plans. They should not be used as a replacement for legal advice. Organizations should consult their own legal counsel and financial professionals to craft plans appropriate to their particular employees, clients and communities.
  • No single tool will address all circumstances, and the environment in which this guide was developed is rapidly changing. This guide should be used in concert with public health recommendations and available industry-specific guidance.