Reopening to the Public and Restarting Maine's Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for Maine’s economy. Like our peers in the corporate sector, nonprofit organizations are assessing when and how to safely reopen offices, resume or expand in-person services, and reimagine work.

One thing is clear: nonprofits are a vital part of Maine’s current and future economy.

Below we are compiling resources and tools to help nonprofits navigate “reopening” Maine’s economy during and after the coronavirus pandemic. If your organization is developing tools to support other nonprofit organizations, let us know!

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Reopening with Purpose: Guidance for Maine Nonprofits Impacted by the Pandemic

MANP has developed a nonprofit-specific guidebook to assist nonprofits in shaping their plans to reopen offices and re-engage with the public. Learn more and download your free copy! Note: while published in summer 2020, the content remains a useful general resource and should always be used in concert with current public health guidance and state prevention checklists (see below).

State + Federal Plans

  • As announced May 13, effective May 24th, Maine will:
    • lift all capacity limits and requirements to physically distance in all public outdoor settings.
    • lift all capacity limits in public indoor venues. Physical distancing requirements are also eliminated, except in settings where people are eating or drinking and therefore would be removing their face covering – such as indoor restaurants, bars, dining areas in camps or in congregate living facilities, and break rooms.
    • adopt the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (U.S. CDC) new guidance which allows fully vaccinated Americans not to wear face coverings indoors. (Note, however, that all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, are encouraged to wear masks indoors if they are in areas of substantial or high transmission.)

Vaccine Access + Policies

MANP has compiled a variety of resources addressing common questions related to vaccines on this webpage.

Advice for Boards + Staff Leaders

Trainings + Forums

General Guidance + Resources

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidance including recommendations for fully vaccinated people.
  • The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development has General COVID-19 Prevention Guidance on best practices for safely operating during COVID-19. Certain industries and activities may have additional guidance specific to those settings. See the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance for more information.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) hosted a national online dialogue to solicit ideas about challenges that may be faced as businesses reopen and how best to help employers and workers reopen America’s workplaces safely. Through this online dialogue, USDOL heard from America’s employers and workers. They shared their best ideas about (1) reopening businesses, (2) commuting safely, (3) working safely, (4) accommodating members of vulnerable populations, (5) supporting America’s families, and (6) reducing regulatory burdens. The dialogue is now closed and you can view the final report and the ideas here.
  • OSHA guidance related to COVID-19

Industry/Mission-Area Specific Tools

Many of the MDCED lists are being regularly updated, so cross-check the MDCED website to see if there is more updated guidance than what is listed below

Camps, Summer Education Programs & Outdoor Recreation

Performing Arts:

Museums + Libraries:

Churches + Faith-Based Groups

Health and Human Services:

Tribal Communities

Samples, Templates, Tools + Graphics

Maine’s Economic Recovery – The Big Picture

Planning for “reopening” is taking place within the broader context of conversations about Maine’s economic recovery and economic development. In May 2020, Governor Mills formed an Economic Recovery Committee to develop specific policy recommendations to stabilize the state’s economy and build a bridge to future prosperity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. MANP’s Executive Director, Jennifer Hutchins, serves on this committee. Learn more about the committee’s work.