Resources + Tools

We help nonprofits help Maine by providing a wide range of resources that support nonprofit management excellence, as outlined in Guiding Principles + Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Maine.

The Answer Center

Search our extensive library of resources, find relevant blog posts, submit a question to our Help Desk, or do a one-click search of other nonprofit management experts’ websites.

Get on Board

MANP provides handbooks, assessments and trainings to support nonprofit boards in fulfilling their role as stewards of an organization’s mission.

Executive Transition + Succession

MANP provides tools, services and training to support nonprofits to plan for and manage “leadershifts.”

Guides + Reports

In addition to Guiding Principles + Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Maine, we conduct research on the nonprofit sector’s impact, compensation practices, and have produced handbooks on board governance and financial management topics, as well as assessment tools for boards and organizations.

Starting a Nonprofit

We’ve provided a step by step overview of the process for starting a nonprofit corporation in Maine, including issues to consider before you begin and links to related resources and forms.

Dissolving a Nonprofit

At some point for some nonprofits, the painful decision to close the doors must be made, and MANP provides resources and recommendations to help nonprofits navigate this decision and process.

Consultant Support

The MANP Business Finder is a searchable tool to help nonprofits find vendors and consultants to help with fundraising, organizational development, facilitation, accounting, legal issues, and more.