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Spring 2017 Executive Leadership Forum

As part of our Executive Leadership Forum series, we’re pleased to present:

Talking about Social Change: Are We Sending the Right Messages?

April 27, 2017
7:30am – 10:00am

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, South Portland
Presented by Dr. Lynn Davey, Consultant, Davey Strategies

In these fast-paced, uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to send clear messages about the work of Maine’s nonprofits. MANP’s Spring 2017 Executive Leadership Forum will feature Dr. Lynn Davey, an expert in the art and science of framing public discourse on complex social problems. Dr. Davey will explain how non-experts think about the causes of, and solutions to, social issues, and how that information can radically shift how we talk about our work and elevate the discussion about our issues. Dr. Davey will share recommended strategies for social change initiatives based on current research in the fields of communications and the cognitive and social sciences.

This Forum will include a discussion of how Maine’s nonprofits can work together to broadcast shared messages about the sector’s impact.

Keynote Speaker

Lynn Davey, Ph.D., is a psychologist who brings the science of communication to the communication of social problems. Lynn helps experts and advocates more effectively translate their expertise to improve public understanding of the causes, consequences and solutions to difficult social issues.

Lynn began her career as a professor of psychology at St. Joseph’s College in Maine, where she created the college’s department of psychology, developed major programs of study in psychology and human development, and served as chair of the department for seven years. Frustrated by the disconnect between scholarly knowledge about social cognition on the one hand, and communications strategies for social problems on the other, Lynn left a tenured position to focus on bringing social science to social change efforts.

Before starting her own consultancy in 2011, Lynn served as Vice President of the FrameWorks Institute, where she designed and analyzed research that investigated public understanding and identified frames that would improve understanding of a host of social issues (child and family issues, mental health, addiction, racial equity).

Drawing from her experience in social science research and evaluation, Lynn conducts original framing research and provides training and technical assistance to those interested in improving public understanding of entrenched social problems.

For more information, visit DaveyStrategies.com.

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