Conferences + Intensives

Executive Leadership Forums + Conferences

Through its Executive Leadership Forums, MANP brings together nonprofit staff and board leaders to explore emerging issues and pressing topics facing the nonprofit sector. These events provide nonprofit Executive Directors, board leaders, and senior staff with opportunities to:

  • learn from nationally recognized nonprofit leaders,
  • discuss critical issues facing the sector,
  • imagine creative approaches to help shape the future of the sector, and
  • build relationships with other nonprofit leaders.

Past Forums + Conferences

Fall 2018 Executive Leadership Forum: The Secret Sauce to Boardroom Success: Culture and Dynamics
October 31, 2018, Freeport
Featured speaker: Susan S. Meier, Meier and Associates

Fall 2017 Executive Leadership Forum: Nonprofits Talking Taxes
October 25, 2017, Portland
Featured speaker: Kim Klein, Klein & Roth Consulting

Spring 2017 Executive Leadership Forum: Talking about Social Change: Are We Sending the Right Messages?
April 27, 2017
Featured speaker: Dr. Lynn Davey, Davey Strategies

Fall 2016 Executive Leadership Forum: How Engaged Should an Engaged Board Be?
November 10, 2016, Freeport
Featured speaker: Susan S. Meier, Meier and Associates

Spring 2016 Executive Leadership Forum: Is Your Nonprofit Ready for What’s Next? Building Nonprofit Leadership Capacity to Drive Mission
April 7, 2016
Offered as part of MANP’s Mission Driven Leadershift initiative
Featured speaker: Hez Norton, Director of Partnerships and Leadership Initiatives at Third Sector New England in Boston, and co-author of the Leadership New England study.
Read our wrap-up blog post to learn about the insights shared on managing executive transitions, sustainability and succession planning, and building leadership capacity.

Fall 2015 Executive Leadership Forum: What Do Successful Storytelling Nonprofits Do Differently?
September 10, 2015, Freeport
Featured speaker: Julie Dixon, National Journal’s Communications Council
Read lessons learned from the presentation and discussion.

Spring 2015 Executive Leadership Forum: Building Assets or Deferring Impact? Is the Current Trend Toward Charitable Endowments Hurting the Very People + Causes We’re Trying to Help?
April 16, 2015, Thomas College
Featured speaker: Alan Cantor, Alan Cantor Consulting, LLC, with discussion facilitated by Barbara Edmond of Maine Philanthropy Center.
Read our wrap-up blog post to hear insights from the presentation and discussion.

Fall 2014 Executive Leadership Forum: Has the Nonprofit Board Outlived Its Purpose?
November 20, 2014 at Maine Maritime Museum
Featured speaker: MaryEllen Jackson, New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits.
Read our blog post summarizing themes from this event that will help you to strengthen your board.

Spring 2014 Leadership Conference: Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up
March 14, 2014 at Colby College
Featured speaker: Paul Schmitz, author of Everyone Leads

2013 Nonprofit Leadership Conference: Building Common Ground – Nonprofit Leadership in Cross-Sector Collaboration
April 26, 2013
Featured speaker: Robert Putnam, renowned author of Bowling Alone
Honored Philanthropist of the Year: Roxanne Quimby