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MANP’s Webinar Library includes recordings of past webinars so that nonprofit staff and volunteers can access professional development at their convenience. Our library is reviewed and updated on an annual basis to ensure the most up-to-date information is being provided. The Webinar Library is exclusively available to MANP members.

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Governance + Leadership

Sounding Board: Should our board be talking more about strategic partnerships?
Guests: Doug Green, La Piana Consulting; Tim Griffin + Wendy Tardif, Dempsey Center (December 2020)

What Every Board Member Should Know About Financial Management… and Probably Doesn’t
Presented by Andy Robinson, Andy Robinson Consulting LLC (November 2020)

Sounding Board: How can Maine nonprofits increase board diversity?
Guests: Deborah Bicknell, Organizational Consultant + Lelia L. DeAndrade, Maine Community Foundation (October 2020)

Sounding Board: How do boards begin to reimagine strategy?
Guests: Sarah Alexander + Sam May, MOFGA; Hilary Robbins, Organizational Consultant (June 2020)

Lead Like No Other: Behaviors for Gaining Agreement and Engagement
Presented by Patrick Veroneau, Emery Leadership Group (February 2019)

Marketing + Communications

Adapting Your Communications Plan During Times of Change
Presented by Marnie Grumbach, Fluent IMC (October 2020)

Tame Your Inbox
Presented by Joshua Peskay and Destiny Bowers, RoundTable Technology (April 2020)

Training + Facilitating When You’re Not in the Room
Presented by Andy Robinson, Andy Robinson Consulting LLC (March 2020)

Public Policy + Advocacy

2020 Nonprofit Day Webinar: Grassroots Lobbying
Presented by Sen. Shenna Bellows (January 2020)

Resource + Fund Development

007: Licensed to Fundraise!
Presented by Robert H. Levin, Attorney at Law (October 2015)

Collaborative Fundraising: Moving from Scarcity to Abundance
Presented by Andy Robinson, Andy Robinson Consulting LLC (August 2020)

Combat Uncertainty with Powerful Donor Stewardship
Presented by Laurel McCombs, The Osborne Group (October 2020)

Accepting Charitable Gifts: Thank You Notes to Donors & Gift Acceptance Policies
Presented by Wendy Richards, Esq., Richards Nonprofit Law (March 2019)

Staff + Volunteer Management

A Guide to Workplace Best Practices: How to Promote a Harassment-Free Workplace
Presented by Sally A. Morris, Attorney at Law, LLC (January 2019)

Herding Cats: Change Management for Nonprofits
Presented by Joshua Peskay, RoundTable Technology (April 2019)

Strategic Alliances

Stronger Together: Collaborations, Shared Services, and Joint Fundraising
Presented by Andy Robinson, Andy Robinson Consulting LLC (June 2020)

Strategic + Operational Planning

Build Organization Muscle: Project Management for Nonprofits
Presented by Suzanne Johnson, MBA, CSM, CSPO, CAPM (April 2019)

New Nonprofits Boot Camp: Using Legal and Tax Best Practices to Propel Results and Fulfill Your Mission
Presented by Ari Solotoff, Esq. + Nicholas Porto, Baker Newman Noyes (April 2018)