Opt In: Communications Conference

As nonprofit professionals, we “opt in” to making positive change in our communities and we want to get others—donors, volunteers, policymakers—to opt in to the missions we all care about. Communication is central to this goal. Authentic communication, deep community engagement, and effective messaging are critical to raising public consciousness, understanding, response to, and funding of the missions that matter in our communities. In today’s fast paced world, technology is inextricably linked to sharing our messages.

In 2018, MANP inaugurated the Opt In: Nonprofit Communications Conference to support Maine nonprofit staff and volunteers to elevate their communications to a new level, so they can advance strategic goals. The conference was held in 2018 and 2019 highlighting “trends within reach” to bring focus to innovations and strategies that are relevant and useful for Maine nonprofits that have limited communications resources. Through creative formats that prioritized peer learning and meaningful engagement with experts, attendees gained inspiration, connections, and practical skills and tools to put to use right away.