Education Program Overview

MANP offers education and resources designed to provide nonprofit leaders, staff, board members, and volunteers with the necessary knowledge and skills to help their organizations become more effective and well-run.

“Go-to subject matter experts about every aspect of nonprofit management.” -Response to 2017 MANP Member Survey

Why Participate in MANP Professional Development?

As reported in the Adding Up Impact: Maine Nonprofits at Work, nonprofits provide a great return on the public’s investment. By offering high quality training programs and resources, MANP is making an investment in the nonprofit community, supporting the development of organizations and the network of individuals who lead organizations in making a positive difference to the economy, health, and quality of life in Maine.

Nonprofit organizations and individuals who take advantage of the training and resources that MANP provides are making an investment in their own future. Effective management of human resources, including the training and development of nonprofit executives, employees, board members, and volunteers, is essential for creating successful organizational results.

Our Programs

Over the years, MANP has continued to develop training programs and resources in response to the needs identified by the nonprofit community:

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How Can We Help You?

We continue to rely on your feedback to improve the quality and content of our programs.

Using feedback gathered from our member surveys, training evaluations, regional assessments, and focus groups, we are creating a plan to improve our impact on Maine’s nonprofit community by further developing our training programs and resources.

We welcome you to be a part of our planning by contacting us at Learn@NonprofitMaine.org with your thoughts or feedback.