Philanthropic Partners

Philanthropic organizations are a vital part of Maine’s nonprofit community and MANP is grateful for the generous support of our philanthropic partners. Learn more about becoming a foundation member.

Foundation Leadership Circle

The following foundations provide a leadership level of operating support, which is essential to MANP’s efforts to create a thriving network accessible to all nonprofit organizations that wish to join.

Foundation Catalysts


Foundation Benefactors

Foundation Sustainers

Project Support

Thank you to the following foundations which have invested in a variety of specific MANP projects and programs.

The Betterment Fund

The Bingham Program

The Bank of Maine Charitable Foundation & Camden National Bank

Davenport Trust

Elmina B. Sewall Foundation

Henry P. Kendall Foundation

Libra Foundation

Maine Community Foundation

Maine Health Access Foundation

John T. Gorman Foundation

Quimby Family Foundation

Sam L. Cohen Foundation

Unity Foundation