Pro Bono Technology Assessment

Offered in partnership with RoundTable Technology, our pro bono technology assessment benefit provides our members with an opportunity to gain important insights about this essential element of their operations. The assessment process involves short surveys and interviews focusing on various aspects of technology including governance, support, staff perceptions, cybersecurity, infrastructure, data, website, digital communications, work from home and more. Getting an expert outside perspective can be a great step in ensuring your organization has the necessary technology in place to advance its mission goals.

“We came away with more clarity about our needs, language to describe our tech issues, and what IT service responses might look like.”

– Michelle Boisvert, Amistad

About the Tech Assessment

This comprehensive, free technology assessment – up to a $5,000 value! – can include:

  • an introductory conference call with key stakeholders to outline the process;
  • surveys to gather direct input from your staff about their experience of technology;
  • additional surveys to gather a complete picture of infrastructure, data, management, cybersecurity, and digital communications;
  • interviews with key stakeholders as needed;
  • a written summary of findings and recommendations; and
  • a conference call with key stakeholders to review the report, answer questions and clarify next steps.

How to Request Your Tech Assessment

Only MANP members in good standing are eligible for this benefit. Assessments will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and only if an assessment has not already been conducted within that membership year. To request an assessment, complete this simple application.

Questions? Watch this short video for more information about the tech assessment.

About RoundTable Technology

RoundTable Technology was founded in September 2010 (known then as The IT Kings). The staff of Round Table Technology are passionate about helping nonprofits and small businesses use technology to achieve their missions. They work to help organizations do strategic technology planning to overcome technology challenges, streamline technology, and enhance it so that nonprofit staff get to do the job they love more efficiently to help the people and causes they serve. With a strong vision toward the future of technology and expertise in cloud computing, they help their clients achieve greater impact.

For more information, visit RoundTable Technology’s website.