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Merchant Advocate: Payment Processing Cost-Savings

MANP is pleased to partner with Merchant Advocate, independent advocates who help organizations save money from the extremely unregulated credit card industry without having to switch payment processors.

Merchant Advocate can help you save money on your credit card processing account, without switching processors. No upfront fees, risk or obligation.  

Merchant Advocate understands the credit card processing industry and can help nonprofits get the best rates and fees when processing donations, client fees, event tickets, museum purchases, and other transactions.

There are no upfront costs for their services; they are paid out of the savings they achieve. To date, Merchant Advocate has saved over $30 million for their client, including saving MANP thousands of dollars!

How Does it Work?

Step One: Complimentary Audit

Simply provide Merchant Advocate with a statement for a free audit of your account. Their analysts will look for hidden fees, coding errors, and inflated rates. They are able to help 75% of merchants save money on their processing, and will only bring you on as a client if they can help.

Step Two: Merchant Negotiation

They will then negotiate on your behalf with your processor to remove the excess fees and inflated rates and fix any coding errors.

Step Three: Monthly Audits

Once your account is fixed, Merchant Advocate will monitor every month to make sure you keep saving and that your rates are not increased and no new fees are added!

What Does it Cost?

There is no upfront cost. All members can benefit from the complimentary audit. If enough potential savings are identified, the organization becomes a client and Merchant Advocate is paid out of the savings.

  • Non-members share savings 50/50.
  • MANP members pay a lower fee, splitting their savings 60/40 with Merchant Advocate!

Please note, Merchant Advocate is not is not compatible with Blackbaud, Network for Good, Stripe, Square or Retriever. 

Take the First Step

To request your free audit, complete this simple form. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact MANP’s Membership Manager at

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Watch this 30 minute webinar for more information: