Promote Your Business

Nonprofits are a significant part of the Maine economy and a valuable target audience – in fact, 1 in 6 Mainers works for a nonprofit. The MANP Business Finder (formerly called the Yellow Pages) connects nonprofits with vendors, businesses, consultants, and venues who can support them in all areas of nonprofit management, from fundraising, to human resources, to strategic planning, technology services, and much more.

“Our MANP membership and listing on the website is currently the most sensible (and cost effective!) way of promoting the work we do.” – Current MANP Supporter Level Friend

Are You Eligible?

Friends of MANP at the Supporter level ($250) and above may post in the MANP Business Finder. Nonprofit members offering meeting space or consulting services may post as well.

Not sure if you’re a member? Check our member directories or contact our Membership Manager at 207-871-1885 or by email. If not, join today!

Create a Listing in the MANP Business Finder

If you are eligible, you can create a listing via an online form available from the profile area of your account when you are logged in to MANP Online. Log in to create a listing.

MANP does not screen or endorse the businesses and consultants listed in the MANP Business Finder. We do, however, indicate with an asterisk (*) people who have presented programming for MANP and have received favorable reviews. We reserve the right to remove any vendor from the MANP Business Finder.