Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Justice Consultants + Trainers in Maine

The following list is by no means a complete list of the Maine consultants and businesses offering support to nonprofits on issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Is someone missing? This is an “Opt In” list, so please encourage others to complete this brief form to be listed or reach out to membersupport@nonprofitmaine.org to let us know!

For Nonprofits Seeking Support

Before reaching out to anyone on the list below, we encourage nonprofits beginning the process of hiring support for their organization’s equity journey to review Equity in the Center’s So You Want to Hire an Equity Consultant resource to consider questions, such as the following:

  • What are the components of race equity work (or, what are the project types), and how do you develop a RFP for them? 
  • How/where do you find a consultant? 
  • How can you be realistic about goals? 
  • What budget should you expect to invest

You can find additional resources to inform your journey of learning and action to advance equity, diversity and inclusion in MANP’s Answer Center here.

Consultants + Trainers (Listed Alphabetically)

Craig White Consulting
Contact Name: Craig White
Email: craig.white.consulting@gmail.com
Phone Number: (828) 231-0971
About Our Work: Craig White Consulting provides training, capacity building, planning, and facilitation services to nonprofit organizations, community groups, foundations and educational institutions. With a particular interest in dismantling systems of privilege and oppression, we support organizations with equity analysis, planning and organizing. We take an intersectional, race-forward approach that recognizes ‘race is always a factor, but it’s not the only factor.’ The tools and frameworks we offer can be used to analyze and address inequities resulting from any system of privilege and oppression. For equity projects, we typically create a multi-person facilitation team, so our facilitators bring diverse life experiences to our work with each organization.

Cross Cultural Community Services
Contact Name: Regina Phillips
Email: adr@crossculturalcommunityservices.org
Phone Number: (207) 200-6261
About Our Work: Cross Cultural Community Services is a non-profit organization established by three women of color from three different countries who have vast knowledge and personal and professional experience with the black indigenous and people of color. Therefore, CCCS is poised to provide coaching and consultation on race relations, and training on the immigrant experience, equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and systemic racism.

Inclusion Maine
Contact Name: Muhammad Khan
Email: InclusionMaine@gmail.com
Phone Number: (207) 405-9817
About Our Work: We are dedicated to providing services directly to organizations and leading community initiatives to further DE&I within Maine. Our services help organizations build robust organizational structures from scratch for transformational change in their culture. We empower people & organizations to become more inclusive and ensure belonging for all.

Integrative Inquiry Consulting
Contact Name: Kate Stitham
Email: info@integrativeinquiryllc.com
Phone Number: (207) 370-2097
About Our Work: Integrative Inquiry Consulting is in the business of culture change. We partner with you to design innovative, practical, and impactful strategies to transform your organization into a collaborative, inclusive, and equitable workplace. Our three-step process can meet you wherever you are at. Whether you need help better understanding the needs of your team, developing leadership skills, or embedding equity practices we can apply a tailored approach to move the work forward.

  • Investigate (internal equity assessments, focus groups, committee formation and strategic planning)
  • Educate (workshops, retreats, executive coaching)
  • Integrate (policy change, train-the-trainer development, and sustainability planning).

Through this work, we hope to help clients take on these principles and continue to transform and evolve the way they work together long after we part ways.

It Is Time…
Contact Name: Dustin Ward
Email: itistimeme@gmail.com 
About Our Work: We look to advocate as change agents for Black & Brown individuals, or any of our BIPOC brothers and sisters, to end systemic racism in all places, beginning with Maine communities. We do this by working with both white communities, bringing non-racist practices and change through equity, justice, and reconciliation, and with Black and Brown brothers and sisters to help us bring an end to racism in our daily lives. By tackling economics, law, policy, and building a bridge between different ethnicities, we can end detrimental racism of all kinds, and teach people to speak up & speak out.

Maine Transgender Network (MaineTransNet)
Contact Name: Quinn Gormley
Email: info@mainetransnet.org
Phone Number: (207)370-0359
About Our Work: MaineTransNet provides cultural competency and allyship training to support transgender, non binary, and gender diverse populations, as well as technical support consultations. Our training programs are available to medical, mental health, social service, non profit, and educational organizations.

Mindbridge Center 
Contact Name: Katie Beane
Email: kbeane@mindbridgecenter.org
Phone Number: (207) 899- 9581
About Our Work: Mindbridge is a pioneer in combining psychology and neuroscience with human rights-based initiatives. Our programming leverages the way in which cognitive processes underlie human interaction, fostering a more holistic, integrative, and effective approach to human rights work. We employ multifaceted strategies across sectors, both locally and internationally, that seek to eliminate racism, discrimination, and Othering; establish a common understanding of human rights; and heal and center marginalized voices. Mindbridge programs:

  • Translate and apply the latest in psychological and neurobiological research, encouraging and leveraging rights-based, inclusive public narratives, education, and programming.
  • Design and implement interventions to counter hate speech, race-based violence, and rising extremism.
  • Conduct research and develop preventative measures to impede human rights abuses before they begin.

Racial Equity and Justice (REJ) Firm
Contact Name:
Desiree Vargas
Phone Number:
(207) 694-8268
About Our Work:
We support communities, individuals, and institutions tackling racial justice issues across the nation by providing consultation, education, advocacy, and solution based action plans. We also offer curriculum edits for programs and DEI trainings and workshops for professional spaces.

Up With Community
Contact Name: Nico Chin
Email: nico@upwithcommunity.org
Phone Number: (207) 402- 0904
About Our Work: Up With Community is a practice for helping teams integrate equity and racial justice learning into their overall organizational growth and development.
Up With Community is also a Friend of MANP with a listing in the MANP Business Finder.

MANP does not screen nor endorse the businesses and consultants listed above. This webpage is offered to help nonprofits and Maine consultants find one another, and we encourage everyone to conduct their own due diligence.

Other Consultants + Vendors

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