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Why Nonprofits Can-- and Should-- Market Their Missions

by Annie Sutton

Marketing is an unsavory word in many nonprofits. Thought to be the provenance of the private sector, marketing is seen by many as unnecessary: “the good work speaks for itself.” Yet in a sluggish economy, where every dollar counts and fundraising is harder than ever, differentiating your organization from other nonprofits is critical.

Join presenter Meredith Elkins on September 14th in Saco to see real marketing issues addressed and resolved. Visit the MANP website to register.

2 thoughts on “Why Nonprofits Can– and Should– Market Their Missions

Amy Labonte says:

I am looking to start a non profit here in maine.. I guess I missed the event today but I couldn’t have paid anyway as everything at this point is out of my pocket. I’m trying to find a application for Non profit so I can get a tax ID for a checking acct. If you can help me give me a call at 207-229-9447 Thanks AMY Labonte

Brenda Peluso says:

Hi Amy, Please visit our “Starting a Nonprofit” page:

As far as a tax ID for a checking account – your bank may require this to determine your eligibility for a nonprofit account which is typically less expensive than a regular business account.

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