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Why It's Worth It

by Mary Ellms

We regularly hear from executive directors and board members how valuable trainings like MANP’s Board Boot Camp have been to their organizations, but how hard it can be to motivate others to attend when everyone is juggling so many responsibilities.

With our next Board Boot Camp fast approaching (9/20, Bar Harbor), we want to help you make your case! We’ve compiled reasons straight from past participants to assure your board members that this is one event that is worth the drive and the time.

6 Reasons Board Members Say Board Boot Camp is Worth It

  1. You’ll Build Confidence: “Attending Board Boot Camp before becoming President was the best preparation I could possibly have received. I think it got me ready personally to take on this task, and I would venture that the entire board of directors has benefited immensely from my training.”
  2. You’ll Be a Catalyst for Change: “The information I have gotten will most highly serve our community in a bigger and greater way.”
  3. You’ll Get Useful Stuff: “I have attended countless continuing legal education programs over the years, and I can say without hyperbole that this program was the most useful I have attended. Your Board Boot Camp has given me an abundance of tools to improve our board.  All too often boards fall into bad habits. Board members should attend your program every few years to break that inertia.”
  4. You’ll Meet + Learn From Interesting People: “I think this was very valuable, especially as the day progressed and we shared more stories. I most appreciated hearing about other organizations and being able to speak with board members and directors from other nonprofits.”
  5. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: “I learned more than what I was expecting to learn.”
  6. It’s BAR HARBOR in SEPTEMBER! That alone makes it worth the drive. (Okay, that one’s from us.)

Convinced? Here’s where to learn more + register.

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