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Vote November 6th!

by Brenda Peluso

And make sure every eligible person you know does as well!

We have spent the past few months working with nonprofits across the state with the hope of making MAINE #1 in voter turnout. We have tapped into the over 85,000 nonprofit employees and 400,000 volunteers that make Maine a supportive, nurturing, and beautiful state. Regardless of all of the work done leading up to Election Day, the true test of our success, and yours, is how many people turn up at the polls to vote on November 6th.

Here are ways to help get out the vote:

1. Remind People:

  • Send out an office email or an email to your entire address book reminding people to vote on November 6th
  • Do an “office knock” and remind your employees to vote.

2. Extend your organization’s lunch hour or allow late arrival or early dismissal on Election Day.

3. Organize office carpools to the polls.

4. Check with your employees, volunteers and constituents and make sure they know where their polling place is and how to get there.  Google has a great new Poll Finder that includes some ballot information.

5. Visit our Nonprofit Voter Engagement page for many more ideas to “Rock the Vote” the Nonprofit Way!

Remember, 501c3 nonprofits can encourage people to vote, but they cannot tell them for whom to vote.  They can advocate for the passage or defeat of a ballot initiatives though.  For more information about 501c3 nonprofit advocacy rights, visit the Advocacy section of our website.

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