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Volunteer Management Program - Project INVEST

by Rachael DeCruz

From the Maine Commission on Community Service:  In today’s ever changing environment, managers of volunteers must stay on top of their game so their programs can thrive.

Gathering and focusing the energy and time of today’s volunteers is not easy.  Until recently, managers of volunteers in Maine had to find out the skills, competencies and knowledge that comprise their profession the hard way through painful and time consuming trial and error.  That is where Project INVEST comes in. 

Project INVEST is a new initiative to offer professional development for managers of volunteers at all skill levels across the state.  Based on practical and helpful training, these courses will help you maintain an active and effective volunteer program.   This spring, participants will will receive 50% off the tuition.

 The benefits to you:

  • Greater job satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Improved knowledge and skills which can be immediately applied to your program.
  • Broadened leadership skills. Heightened credibility among your peers.
  • Keener awareness of ways to respond to volunteer trends.
  • Expanded resources and peer networks.

The benefit to your program:

  • An increase in well selected, placed and trained volunteers.
  • Improved volunteer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced volunteer productivity and performance.

 Contact Elizabeth Cole at with any questions.

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