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Have We Told You Lately?

by Molly O'Connell

You are passionate about your mission. We are passionate about helping you achieve it. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating our love for our member organizations. Here are just a few of the reasons why we love working on behalf of nonprofits.

EthanHeart2Ethan Somerman, Administrative Coordinator

“Having moved to Maine just a few years ago, I have quickly fallen in love with this state. Working among a community of people who are not only driven by the dedication to make a difference but also by a love of their home state is inspiring. Being part of the Maine nonprofit community is about more than ideals. It is also about a staunch, unfailing devotion to place.”

How Ethan can help YOU: Your go-to staff member for questions about invoices and payments, or if you don’t know who you should talk to, Ethan can help get you to the right person. (Also can teach you yoga.)

JessicaHeart2Jessica Lantos, Membership + Communications Manager

“I love being reminded of how diverse the sector is. In any one day, I talk to people from land trusts, homeless shelters, libraries and museums.  Their missions are all so different from one another, but they all share the same ultimate goal of serving the people of Maine.

How Jessica can help YOU: Your first stop for questions about your member benefits or how to join this amazing community of nonprofits. (Also captain of MANP’s potluck lunch squad and a great source for creative parenting advice.)

KatrinaHeart2Katrina Ruffner, Program Manager

“I get to meet so many brilliant and passionate people.

How Katrina can help YOU: She’s our training visionary, and has all the answers about programs such as Board Boot Camp. (Also a source for inspiring quotes over funny animals.)

ScottHeart2Scott Schnapp, Executive Director

“I love supporting and assisting the great people whose work makes Maine such a unique and special place to live.”

How Scott can help YOU: By speaking up on behalf of the sector. (Also, a source for tips on bringing your dog to the office.)


Lydia Swann, Program Coordinator

“I love helping nonprofits build and improve their communities.”

How Lydia can help YOU: Get answers to any questions about upcoming events. (Also a source for good excuses to skip the gym. For example, shoveling totally counts.)

LoriHeart2Lori Gramlich, Director of Public Policy

“I love working for nonprofits because it is a way for me to give back to the community and to advocate for vulnerable populations and it makes me feel good about my work.”

How Lori can help YOU: She can give you talking points about public policy issues, such as the current proposal to tax nonprofits with property. (Also a source for recommendations on researching your Irish geneology.)

MollyHeart3Molly O’Connell, Director of Operations

“I love connecting people to information, resources and tools that they need, and finding ways to offer support that will make someone else’s job easier. I like working behind the scenes for organizations that are central to vibrant communities. 

How Molly can help YOU: Get answers to your nonprofit management questions, or help with any of our publications. (Also a source for nerdy Excel tips and a champion for the important role of hot cocoa in the workplace.)

Otis, MANP Mascot

OtisHeart“I love nonprofits because their staff are distracted by trying to do good and they leave food out on their desks.”




YOU, Member of the Maine Nonprofit Community 

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Brenda Peluso says:

MANP Rocks! Miss you guys and LOVE this post!

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