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The Governor's Picks

by Jennifer Gray

As Maine state government transitions to a new governor, Maine nonprofits are increasingly focused on building productive relationships with new leaders at state agencies who will have direct impact on their missions. While some confirmations were upheld by the Maine Senate last week, Governor Mills’s cabinet nominees are steadily making their way through the legislative approval process  Other key positions do not require legislative approval and those staff have already started work. The Governor seems poised to continue her momentum by offering names to fill key board vacancies. Now is a good time to make plans for outreach to the Governor’s new team.

Here’s who Governor Mills has tapped for key positions thus far:

  • Board of Environmental Protection: Former Representative Robert Duchesne
  • Commissioner, Department of Environmental Protection: Jerry Reid
  • Commissioner, Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry: Amanda Beal
  • Commissioner, Department of Marine Resources: Patrick Keliher
  • Commissioner, Department of Professional and Financial Regulation: Anne Head
  • Commissioner, Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management: Douglas Farnham
  • Commissioner, Department of Corrections: Randall Liberty
  • Commissioner, Department of Public Safety: Michael Sauschuck
  • Commissioner, Department of Economic and Community Development: Heather Johnson
  • Commissioner, Department of Education: Pender Makin
  • Commissioner, Department of Labor: Laura Fortman
  • Commissioner, Department of Health and Human Services: Jeanne Lambrew
  • Commissioner, Department of Administrative and Financial Services: Kristen Figueroa
  • Commissioner, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: Judy Camuso
  • Commissioner, Department of Transportation: Bruce Van Note
  • Director of Opioid Response: Gordon Smith
  • Director, Office of Policy and Management (to be renamed Office of Innovation and the Future): Hannah Pingree
  • Executive Director, Workers’ Compensation Board: John Rohde
  • Senior Advisor Tribal Affairs: Donna Loring
  • Senior Policy Advisors for Natural Resources, Governor’s Office: Tom Abello and Mary Anne Turowski

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