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Taking Time to Celebrate

by Jennifer Hutchins

Looking back on 2020, Maine nonprofit staff and volunteers likely feel many things, but hopefully one is pride. In a year that turned out to be nothing like anyone planned and amidst enormous challenges, nonprofits across the state scrambled not just to adapt, but to connect, respond, contribute, and innovate.

Many nonprofits ramped up operations and mobilized to meet critical community needs, keeping people informed, safe and fed. Others had to close their doors to staff and the public (at least temporarily), but flex their creativity to shift operations and programs to remote delivery. Our colleagues in philanthropy and our corporate partners mobilized to raise and distribute funds quickly, and loosen restrictions so money could be reallocated where it was most needed.

Nonprofits spoke up, championing the needs they were seeing first-hand and ensuring that policymakers recognized nonprofits as essential services, as employers, and as partners in rebuilding our communities after this experience.

At MANP, in addition to the incredible work by Maine nonprofits this year, we also take a moment to celebrate the hard work of the MANP team to help nonprofits:

Respond + Equip

  • Launched MANP Connects offering nonprofit leaders a space for mutual support with 450+ attendees from 300+ organizations
  • Recruited a Rapid Response Team with 21 volunteer attorneys, consultants and other professionals to support nonprofits with their pandemic-related questions
  • Built and maintained comprehensive COVID-19 resource pages with 15,000 visits to-date¬†
  • Published free Reopening with Purpose guidebook — downloaded 565+ times

Adapt + Increase Access

  • Provided pay-what-you-can pricing on programs and flexibility on membership fees
  • Moved to fully virtual programming reaching 3,700+; of those, 2,350 at no cost
  • Offered 115+ events and programs, leveraging state association partnerships — 40% more events than in 2019
  • Boosted nonprofit governance capacity reaching 585+ leaders across the state through virtual board training programs

Advocate + Empower

None of this would have been possible without our members, our Friends, our philanthropic partners, our board, and the many volunteers who donated their time and talent. THANK YOU! 

Roland Adams
Sarah Alexander
Tawny Alvarez
Jeannette Andre
Shenna Bellows
Deb Bicknell
Becky Boober
Elena Brandt
Dick Brown
Jonah Fertig-Burd
Al Cantor
Becca Charlier
Nico Chin
Amy Cohan
Rebecca Swanson Conrad
Doug Currier
Matthew Dunlap
Trish Erikson
Jay Espy
Kristen Farnham
Ben Ford
Sarah Glatt
Doug Green
Tim Griffin
Marnie Grumbach
Jody James
Necole Janczura
Heather Johnson
Cathy Kidman
Senator Angus King
Leora Kirk
Annette Lease
Rob Levin
Ariel Linet
Peter Lowe
Neil MacKay
Tara Marquis
Sam May
Aram Mitchell
Claudette Ndayininahaze
Chris Newell
Dale Oak
Sara Olson
Tony Payne
Brenda Peluso
Aimee Petrin
Malcolm Poole
Amy Grommes Pulaski
Hilary Robbins
Jeff Romano
Abdulkerim Said
Betsy Sawyer-Manter
Mary Alice Scott
Tony Scucci
Malory Shaughnessy
Thomas Shepard
Anita Stewart
Wendy Tardif
David Thompson
Jeff Wahlstrom
Brooke Welty


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