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Stories of Impact: Tedford Housing

by Katie Manter

This case study is part of MANP’s Stories of Impact series highlighting the many ways Maine’s nonprofits are essential to a strong and healthy Maine. Read MANP’s full Adding Impact Report. 

When Maine people and families have resources and a stable home, they have improved health outcomes and a better quality of life. The children are also much more likely to remain in school, which lays a strong foundation for a bright future with the ability to contribute positively to their community and economy.

Temporary or permanent housing linked with case management services contributes to improving health outcomes and employment for those experiencing homelessness.

Tedford Housing is working to ensure people have a home and the knowledge, skills and resources to move beyond their housing crisis ensuring family stability and health while at the same time reducing demand on taxpayer dollars.

Established in 1987, Tedford Housing accomplishes the following in a typical year:

  • More homeless youth stay in school. Of the teens served, 94% remain in school for the duration of the school year, 97% advance to the next grade, and 94% graduate high school.
  • Emergency, temporary housing is available, serving 100 single adults out of 400 and 20 out of 300 families who call.
  • Homelessness prevention by providing 422 at-risk people with rent assistance, security deposit aid, heating fuel assistance, and case management.
  • Permanent housing for individuals and families. Tedford has added 37 units for previously homeless people and families between 2005 and 2011. In 2017, Tedford helped 57% of its sheltered adults and 81% of its sheltered families secure permanent housing.
  • Future success with fewer than 11% of their clients who receive temporary, emergency housing experiencing another episode of homelessness.

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