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SkillBuilder Event in Washington County!

by Rachael DeCruz

Due to the success of MANP’s day-long SkillBuilder event on Mount Desert Island, we’re bringing a similar model to the Washington County area. Scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th in Machias, the day will consist of four SkillBuilders in the areas of fundraising, governance & leadership, and strategic alliances. The SkillBuilders will address how to carry out a feasibility study, planned giving, the link between governance and marketing, and collaborations and mergers. Participants will be able to register for either a half or full-day, with a discount available for those who sign up for a full-day. Click on the links below to view the full course descriptions:

9:00 am – Noon courses:

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm courses:

2 thoughts on “SkillBuilder Event in Washington County!

Thank you for granting me this opportunity.I am a Sudanese.To carry out feasibility study in my nonprofit organization is first you should know that our people living in America are immigrants.Therefore we had different economic,political,social,and cultural systems.Also we had different educational system.Culturally we still support one another strongly.Most of our people depended on food product produced in the farms than what is produced from the industries.The idea of collaboration vs.mergers is like manual vs.automatic machine.We depend on traditional leadership style or ways more than modern system or the Western World leadership.

The easy way to carry feasibility you have to contact the ethnic group like the Acholi, Dinka orFur in case of traditional system.The Sudanese Community Association could be a good resource but the dead of the Chairman last June the office was not organize fully.

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