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Sign the Pledge: #MaineCanDo Better!

by Jennifer Hutchins

Not too long ago, I got a call from a board member of a small Maine nonprofit needing help as a crisis led to an unfortunate ending. The board had decided to close the organization following the withdrawal of a large, transformational grant from a national foundation. The reason? The executive director had resigned following sexual harassment accusations.

Photo of Jennifer Hutchins, MANP Executive Director

From the desk of Jennifer Hutchins, MANP Executive Director

Right away, I pointed the board member to information on our site about dissolving a nonprofit as well as people who could help, but something nagged me: what more could we have done? Then, the board member called back and invited me to join the #MaineCanDo effort to provide practical tools and resources for Maine businesses and organizations to avoid #MeToo incidents in our state. Yes! I wanted to help immediately. If MANP can help other nonprofits—particularly those lacking direct access to HR and legal departments—proactively promote safe, harassment-free workplaces and mitigate the risk of losing critical investments, then we are doing the work we’ve set out to do.

And, a special kudos to the board member who initiated this effort. The easier, certainly justifiable, option would have been to close shop and walk away. Instead, she wanted to avoid similar crises that could harm Maine enterprises and organizations, and to create something positive and productive. Now that’s leadership!

I am honored to be a part of launching MaineCanDo, a free online resource with practical tools to ensure harassment free workplaces in all Maine businesses and organizations. I encourage you to take a look at the resources we’ve compiled at and consider joining me and other Maine business leaders in signing the pledge to foster and sustain respectful and harassment free workplaces.

We can all do better.

One thought on “Sign the Pledge: #MaineCanDo Better!

Steve Mortimer says:

Well done, Jen. Glad to see MANP continuing to lead the way in doing outstanding work for Maine’s nonprofits… and by extension, for all Mainers. Keep doing what you do. We need MANP’s leadership and advocacy now more than ever, and you and your team are exactly the right people to get it done.

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