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If At First You Don’t Succeed

by Jennifer Gray
State House Update Tomorrow evening, Governor LePage will be presenting his final State of the State speech. It’s our understanding that he will use the opportunity to again push for taxing nonprofits. Yes, he has tried repeatedly, without success, to accomplish this goal. We encourage the nonprofit community to not be lackadaisical but rather to […]

Hot topics in 2017 to help you plan for what’s ahead in 2018

by Guest Blogger
This article from the National Council of Nonprofits is reprinted with permission.  “Impossible to see, the future is.” — Yoda While it may be impossible to anticipate fully what 2018 has in store for charitable nonprofits, we think there are important takeaways from some of the hottest topics that surfaced in 2017. We’re sharing our […]

Tax Reform Advances in House and Senate

by Jennifer Gray
The following content from the National Council of Nonprofits has been reprinted with permission.  Last week, federal tax reform advanced through the full U.S. House of Representatives and the key Senate committee. This post provides charitable nonprofits and their stakeholders with information to plan and advocate on behalf of their missions. What Has Happened So Far? […]

Federal Tax Reform Update

by Jennifer Gray
The following content from the National Council of Nonprofits has been reprinted with permission.  Two Councils Say: Vote House Bill Down, Start Over The National Council of Nonprofit and the Council on Foundations issued a joint statement declaring the House tax reform bill fatally flawed and calling for its defeat when the House of Representatives […]

Action Alert: Federal Tax Reform

by Jennifer Gray
Before we get into the Tax Reform Bill, a reminder that tomorrow (November 7th) is Election Day! Your vote matters. Be sure to make a plan (when, where, what!). Polls close at 8:00 p.m. Here’s a guide to the statewide referendum questions. The Bangor Daily News also has a useful voting guide. Action Alert!  As outlined […]

Start Talking: Make the Common Good a Common Conversation

by Jennifer Gray
The nonprofit sector, due to its nonpartisan status, is uniquely positioned to be a voice for the common good. At MANP’s Fall Executive Leadership Forum: Nonprofits Talking Taxes last week, speaker Kim Klein urged participants to be catalysts for conversations within, and beyond, their organizations. Why now, in particular? Because Congress is debating tax reform […]

Raise Your Voice: Join the Nonprofit Sector in Speaking Up About the Federal Budget

by Jennifer Gray
The FY18 federal budget is a seminal issue that will have profound effects on the work of Maine’s nonprofit sector – both the work we do and the people we serve. Devastating Cuts On the Table Congress’ upcoming decision on how to handle “sequestration” budget caps will likely determine whether the federal programs which provide […]

An Uncertain 100th Birthday for the Charitable Deduction

by Jennifer Gray
The following content from the National Council of Nonprofits has been reprinted with permission.  Today marks the 100th birthday of the federal tax deduction for charitable giving. It should be a day of celebration for all it’s done for the American people, making the United States the model of the world for personal philanthropy. The […]

Why Nonprofits Should Be Talking Taxes

by Guest Blogger
I have been in fundraising for almost forty years. In my experience, one of the most chronic problems in the nonprofit sector is our failure to make a connection between fundraising and the rest of our work.  Yet, as many of us have experienced over and over, how we raise money and where we get […]

Are Nonprofits Seeing the Benefits of Grants Reforms?

by Jennifer Gray
Our partner, the National Council of Nonprofits, provides some updated information on the OMB Uniform Guidance and the opportunity to provide input through a survey below. A few years ago, the federal government adopted grants reforms designed in part to improve the way governments at all levels treat nonprofits that perform services on their behalf. […]