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Important Maine Employment Law Changes That Your Nonprofit Should Know About

by Guest Blogger
Reprinted with permission from The Maine Nonprofit Law E-Bulletin September 2019, by Robert H. Levin, Attorney-at-Law with the Law Office of Robert H. Levin. Since May, the Legislature and Governor have passed several changes to state employment laws that will affect all employers, including nonprofit organizations. All of these laws take effect on September 18, […]

Benefit Corporations Now Official Under Maine Law

by Guest Blogger
Reprinted with permission from The Maine Nonprofit Law E-Bulletin – September 2019, by Robert H. Levin, Attorney-at-Law with the Law Office of Robert H. Levin. Ever heard of a “Benefit Corporation”? You might start seeing this phrase in the coming years, now that Maine has enacted a statute officially establishing this new kind of for-profit […]

Report: 2018 Saw Reductions in Charitable Giving

by Sarah Skillin Woodard
Giving USA 2019: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2018 came out in late June and it’s still being talked about because it is one of the only resources for determining how charitable giving has been impacted by the Trump administration’s Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017. The report finds that when […]

It’s final! Citizenship Question will not be on the 2020 Census and what that means for now.

by Sarah Skillin Woodard
After over a year of deliberation and much handwringing on all sides, the Trump administration finally abandoned their desire to have a citizenship question on next year’s census. Instead, they intend to use other “administrative” means to find this data. This is good news for now as the census numbers are used to determine federal dollar amounts […]

Proposed changes to federal poverty line could hurt many

by Sarah Skillin Woodard
A study released last week by the Center for Budget Policy and Priorities (CBPP)  shows how the Trump administration’s proposal to change the way the federal government measures poverty could cause millions of people to lose health and food benefits. The federal poverty line is used to determine who’s eligible for benefits like SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid […]

Update on the 2020 Census Citizenship Question

by Sarah Skillin Woodard
The US Supreme Court just ruled that while the US Constitution does not prevent the administration from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census (split along ideological lines), it upheld part of a federal judge’s ruling barring the question. Chief Justice Roberts joined the liberal judges saying that under a U.S. law called the […]

Nonprofits critical to web of support for asylum seekers

by Sarah Skillin Woodard
When communities need solutions, nonprofits step up, as is so clearly illustrated by the many nonprofit organizations providing timely, vital services in response to the recent influx of asylum seekers to the Portland area. Side by side with the city’s response efforts, nonprofit staff and volunteers are working tirelessly–often with no additional funding–to offer care, […]

Charitable Giving and Tax Incentives Estimating changes in charitable dollars and number of donors resulting from five policy proposals

by Sarah Skillin Woodard
The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy conducted research and released a report, Charitable Giving and Tax Incentives, analyzing the potential impact of five distinct federal policy ideas meant to increase charitable giving. The potential approaches included caps and floors on giving and tax credits. The report, commissioned byIndependent Sector, found that the proposals […]

Governor Mills Signs State’s Two-Year Budget Into Law

by Sarah Skillin Woodard
Joined by Democratic and Republican lawmakers, Governor Janet Mills today signed into law the state’s Fiscal Year 2020-2021 biennial budget. The budget, which the Legislature enacted last Friday with the bipartisan support of two-thirds of its members, expands health care, improves Maine’s education system, provides property tax relief, and invests in the state’s Rainy Day […]

Proposed Changes to Overtime Rules and Fixed Federal Grants

by Sarah Skillin Woodard
Does your organization rely on federal grants? Many in Maine do. As we at MANP have been saying, unless Congress votes to make changes by January 2020, we will see an increase in the salary-level threshold for white-collar exemptions to $35,308 per year up from the current $23,660. Many non-profit organizations are concerned about this […]