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Risk 2012: A First Wednesday Webinar Series from Nonprofit Risk Management Center

by Jessica Lantos

MANP has a new Affiliate Membership with Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC), a partnership that will offer MANP members a wealth of affordable benefits for the upcoming year!  So that we don’t overwhelm you with all of the benefits, we’ll limit this posting to just one:  The First Wednesday Risk Management Webinar Series.  

Each webinar will occur at 2PM and will last one hour.  The cost couldn’t be more affordable at $15 each for MANP members, and $59 for nonmembers.  To register for any/all, please  email  Jessica Lantos or call 871-1885.

January 4/2PM

Risk and Decision-Making

A fast-paced webinar exploring the intersection between risk-taking and decision-making. Find out how to overcome the biases and traps that lead to poor decisions, and learn how to tap your growing awareness of risk in your nonprofit’s internal and external environments to enhance the decisions you make in 2012.

February 1/2PM

Managing Social Media Risk and Reward

Social media tools offer low cost, engaging and creative ways to engage  a wide array of stakeholders.  Yet like any tool deployed to advance your nonprofit’s mission, there’s plenty of downside risk along with potential reward.  Learn about the risks caused by intentional as well as unintentional conduct on the part of employees, volunteers, members and others.  Learn what you can do to better appreciate and manage the risks that arise from social media use, including uses within and outside your span of control.

March 7/2PM

Nonprofit D&O: What’s new and What You Need to Know

Nonprofit Directors’ and Officers’ liability coverage (“D&O”) has evolved from the early days when only a slightly customized corporate form was offered to nonprofit buyers.  Today nonprofit D&O is often the first coverage purchased by start-up nonprofits and regarded as a “must-have” coverage in many nonprofit insurance portfolios.  Learn how the coverage has changed over time, how claims against nonprofits and nonprofit boards have evolved over the years, and what you need to look for when selecting a policy in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

April 4/2PM

Risk-Aware Contracting: What You Don’t Know Could Cost You

Contracts are unavoidable. They are the mainstay of relationships with independent contractors, vendors, other service providers, landlords, to name a few.  Yet negotiating sound contracts requires time, understanding and some practical experience with contracting potholes and pitfalls.  This webinar will identify common contracting mistakes and offer practical steps to steer clear of the dangers that lurk in the contracts your nonprofit will execute in the year ahead.

May 2/2PM

Risk and Reward: Protecting Your Tax Exempt Status

This webinar will explore strategies for protecting your nonprofit’s tax exempt status.  Critical topics that will be covered include: the importance of key governance policies, making sure that your nonprofit generates the “right” kind of revenue, managing joint ventures and other revenue-generating programs to minimize exemption and UBIT risks, and steering clear of “deal breakers,” including private inurement and political activities. Stop worrying about threats to your nonprofit’s tax exempt status; register today!

June 6/2PM

Financial Due Diligence: It’s More Than Checking Boxes

Due diligence and risk management are inextricably linked.  Many leaders think of due diligence int he context of managing the risks of contractual arrangements, partnerships or new business ventures.  Some may see due diligence as a “checking-the-box” process that boils down to confirming facts.  This narrow view trivializes the process. Effective due diligence requires the willingness to look for indicators that may signal unusual or unexpected risks. Done properly, due diligence should offer information and insights beyond re-statements of fact.  This session will focus on financial due diligence using actual financial statements.

July 11/2PM

Reporting Success: What’s the Risk?

Savvy donors want to know more than how much of their dollars went to “programs” versus “overhead” or “fundraising” expense: they want to know what progress your nonprofit is making to advance its ambitious mission Failing to track and demonstrate impact puts your mission and sustainability at risk.  Success in today’s nonprofit world is more than how many people you served, how many events you sponsored, or how many “friends” you have on a popular social media site.  Learn how to appreciate and manage stakeholder expectations and how to tell your “success story” in a manner that is transparent, accurate and compelling.

August 1/2PM

Protecting Vulnerable Populations

Attend this webinar to learn about best practice strategies for protecting members of vulnerable populations from harm caused by criminal acts, negligence and accidents. In addition to exploring “best practice” approaches learn about critical, evolving challenges facing leaders of nonprofits that serve vulnerable clients.  If your nonprofit serves children, the elderly or persons with disabilities, you won’t want to miss this fast-paced program.

September 5/2PM

Human Behavior and Risk Managment

When a nonprofit adopts a risk management “framework,” deputizes members of a risk management committee, and approves a set of slick policies that have been blessed by counsel, one would expect that the organization’s risk management journey will be relatively smooth and uneventful.  But not if there are human beings int he mix! This webinar will explore how somewhat predictable human behavior can impede the realization of risk management strategies and policies. Learn about the importance of ownership behavior in employees, how to inspire truth-telling, and what steps are key to jump-starting true collaboration in your risk management program.

October 3/2PM

Managing Special Event Risks

Special events continue to be popular in the nonprofit sector.  Whether your upcoming event is designed as a fundraiser, as a way to raise awareness for your mission or cause, or both, an assortment of risks will be featured along with the plentiful buffet and enthusiastic crowd. Learn “what’s new” in special events risk management.  Find out what you can do today to better appreciate the risks associated with events, and what you can and must do if something goes wrong when you set the stage, unroll the red carpet or simply promise an “unforgettable” event.

November 7/2PM

Crisis Management and Crisis Communications

A crisis is any event that threatens your nonprofit’s survival or ability to advance its mission.  A crisis demands your immediate focus.  This webinar will explore the critical steps and planning required before a crisis hits. Find out what you should be doing today to ensure that your nonprofit will be in the strongest possible position to survive a crisis that is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine.

December 5/2PM

Calibrating Your Nonprofit’s Risk Appetite: Candid Conversations at the Board Table

Many nonprofit leaders report a sense of being either “risk takers” or “risk averse.” Yet it is unusual for the entire leadership team to share the same level of comfort with highly uncertain outcomes. This webinar will explore the concept of “risk appetite” in a nonprofit organization.  Topics to be discussed include: how to engage the board in a conversation about the nonprofit’s appetite for uncertainty,  and how to ensure that decision-making at all levels of the organization is in sync with the overall risk appetite defined by the board.  Find out how to have a conversation about taking bold risks with a board that clings to the status quo, or how to raise risk issues gracefully in an environment where “anything goes!”

Each webinar will occur at 2PM and will last one hour.  The cost couldn’t be more affordable at $15 each for MANP members, and $30 for nonmembers.  To register for any/all, please  email Jessica Lantos or call 871-1885.

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